'Some Kind of Existence'

Upstairs@theAlderman Gallery. Melbourne. 2014 (S)

'Temoin Oculaire: Shelter or Prison: a meditation on incarceration and madness',

Centre for Contemporary Photography. Melbourne. 2012 (S)

Temoin Oculaire:Fragonard Museum’, Death Be Kind Gallery, Melbourne.2011(S)

 ‘Temoin Oculaire’, studio exhibition, Cité Internationale des Arts. Paris. 2011 (S)

Satoyama’ an idea of Japan (Fragments from Urada.) Place Gallery Melbourne. 2010 (S)

'Duetto' Australian Experimental Art Foundation. South Australia.2010 (G)

'apocrypha' Place Gallery, Melbourne. 2009 (S)

‘Ocular Lab Inc:12’ Spacement. Melbourne. 2005 (G)

‘A Molecular History of Everything*’ Australian Centre for Ccontemporary Art. Melbourne. 2004 (G)

'R.Mutt.' Ocular Lab. 2000 (G)

(In collaboration with Ole Jorgen Ness)