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Davies and Rizkalla’s jacketwork: 'there's been something rattling in the closet trying to get out...' John Cale – Archimedes from HoboSapiens 2003  2002-2005 aligns and documents the sensibility of numerous arts practitioners they have been involved with since their international studio residencies in Berlin (1996) and Oslo (1999), from which the subsequent international exchange project h. (St Kilda, Melbourne) and various incarnations of ocular lab (Brunswick, Melbourne) arose.  In (what year?), Rizkalla found the leather jacket – complete with studs and text including “when injustice becomes law, Resistance becomes a duty” and “you’ve heard of freedom but it just don’t exist” – in a second-hand store and, recognising it as a sign for the often anarchistic pursuit of life of an artist, bought it (though he is still paying it off) and took it home.  For he and Davies, and many since, it expressed the frustration of arts practitioners who, in order to survive and maintain creative freedom and integrity, often find themselves outside of society and its cultural norms (hence the title “…HoboSapiens”).  Not only this but, as observers and thinkers, they are often outraged by the inequality, inhumanity, injustice, politics, war… and so on of society that the jacket expressed.  So the project involved getting those they met and discussed ideas and/or conducted projects with to not only wear but also to interpret/express how they related to the text/sign of the jacket – rather like a discrete street protest or rally as artistic collaboration.  In this exhibition, the selection of forty (40) images includes current and past arts practitioners they have been involved with since 2002, giving voice to numerous discussions of how they see themselves and their position in the visual arts in Australia (or the world), as well as more global concerns.