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Instructional Models is a propositional exhibition instigated by Terri Bird and Julie Davies, in Melbourne, and facilitated by Neil Emmerson, in Dunedin. The premise for this project involves artists in Melbourne associated with the artist-run initiatives Ocular Lab and Clubsproject inc, with whom Bird and Davies have worked previously, being engaged in an exchanged based project with artists in Dunedin.

The Melbourne based artists have sent a series of instructions for potential artworks that invite responses which can be followed, or a set parameters within which actions are carried out. For example Anna Muirhead will restage OSW’s CLUBStennis; an experimental event utilizing the force of 1, or ideally 3, tennis balls machines catapulting tennis balls off the walls/floors/ceilings of Blue Oyster as a spatial articulation of its volumes of air. Max Oettli and Inge Flinte will respond to Terri Bird’s invitation to another blind date by taking photos of ‘the same thing’ as the six images she has sent. Victoria Bell and Lee Houlihan have used the gardens of ‘Brash Cottage’ to record a collection of urban plant life for Julie Davies botanical data collection ‘garden ware’.
The accumulated results of these interpretations, exchanges, responds etc. will be exhibited at Blue Oyster Gallery in Dunedin, New Zealand in April 2009.

The use of ideas around exchange is an important element in the discourse of Ocular Lab, and contributed to numerous projects in the program at Clubsproject inc. Expanding on these past activities, the portability of this project facilitates an exchange of practices between artists and dialogue around approaches to practice. As part of this exchange the proposals are purposefully open to interpretation with the potential for re-orientation, re-ordering or rejection.

'Instructional Models' PDF of the complete installation at Blue Oyster.