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Life is made up of a great number of small incidents and a small number 
of great ones; this exhibition is both. R is for relics remains and 
ruins is an extraordinary display of retrieved and rescued historical 
refuse unearthed from numerous Melbourne urban landfills, or found in 
frequent visits to familiar charity shops or picked up on coastal 
beaches where a shipwrecks fragments have slowly surfaced.
This exhibition is both a documentary of an remarkable time most of us 
have never encountered on such an unofficial scale as well as a 
visually poetic meta-fiction in which each object presented is a word 
that makes up a sentence and then a paragraph of material culture and 
intimate identity.
Hundreds and thousands of fragments and things, natural and 
manufactured, sometimes unrecognizable and many must now be endangered 
or extinct; each object has been acquired and collected over many years 
by the artists who share a fascination for both history and 
aestheticized qualities of material evidence.
In this collaboration Rizkalla and Georgopoulos have unpacked 
selections of their enormous archives and built a temporary dwelling 
for these objects at Ocular Lab.
“Only in extinction is the collector comprehended*
*(Walter Benjamin: Unpacking My Library Illuminations)

Elvis Richardson. Melbourne artist and writer

Victor Georgopoulos is an archaeology and Australian History graduate 
and collector.